Late December Back in '63


Late December back in '63 tells the story of an unforgettable day in top-flight English football - when 66 goals were netted in just 10 fixtures on Boxing Day 1963.

The author brings each match to life through archive reports and images, exploring how such a staggering tally of goals was scored. This was the age of attacking formations, just before the era of more defensive disciplines, but what other tactors were at play? The book examines and tests the varacity of various myths that surround that extraordinary day. 

Along with the club line-ups, match reports, programmes and images from the fixtures, Late December Back in '63 takes an in-depth look at the careers of various characters who played their part. It also offers a snapshot of where the national sport stood less than 20 years after WW2 and the socio-economic changes taking place in the 'Swinging Sixties'. You'll get a picture of the state of the game less than three years before the Summer of 1966 and how our future World Cup heroes were doing in their careers.

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