Leicester City Thai Natural Dye Keychain


Use this unique keychain as a trendy accessory for any form of luggage and let your support for The Foxes, be seen around the world. This keychain displays the LCFC home colours in a faded effect, along with the club name embossed across the delicately woven strap. 

Once again, King Power has found a fresh inspiration for this new Thai Dye Collection. The design team explored south of Thailand and found Khiri Wong Village in Nakhon Sri Thammarat province, where the natives use local plants to dye cloth. 

The use of natural materials, combined with the process and timing all contribute to an unpredictability in the colours produced, which tend to be Earth tones. By using a variety of fabric cutting and colour-blocking techniques it really adds a more vibrant and distinguishable look to the products. Combining these factors has without a doubt, made this a one-of-a-kind collection.

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Please note: 

  • It is possible some of the dyes will change colour when exposed to direct sunlight.

  • When wet, the product may appear to lighten the colour but this is only temporary. 
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