BKT - Denim Jacket



The LCFC jacket is made from denim and hand-woven cotton through a cooperation between Ban Khao Tao Handicraft Center in Prachuap Khiri Khan Province and LCFC. The result is a beautiful contemporary pattern that also elevates and passes on the heritage of Thai fabrics so that they can be used in daily life. In addition, each LCFC jacket also bears a Certificate of Authenticity confirming that it is part of a limited edition with only 350 in the world.

The front of this street fashion design jacket is divided into 4 parts to highlight the distinctiveness of each fabric. The collar and top left of the jacket are made of light blue denim with a fox face embroidered with 9-strand loincloth – the simple patterns that reflect local lifestyle are made with a weaving process which is so meticulous that it is only possible to weave 1 piece per day. The inner collar is made of 9-strand loincloth cut in the shape of a halfmoon. The lower left side of the jacket is made from a checkered loincloth. The pockets are sewn with 9-strand loincloth added to the bottom edge with a navy-blue denim effect. The upper right of the jacket is made of straight striped loincloth with the words “Leicester City” embroidered in white. The lower right of the jacket is made from navy-blue denim. The bottom edge is made from straight-line loincloth. The right arm is made of navy-blue denim with an embroidered Leicester City Football Club logo, and the left arm is made of navy-blue denim with an embroidered white jumping fox. Decorated with 9-strand loincloth loops, the back of the jacket is made of navy-blue denim and Ban Khao Tao Heritage X Fox woven fabric, which requires such a detailed weaving process that only 1 meter of fabric is produced per day.