BKT - Grey Fox T-Shirt



This grey round-neck T-shirt is made of 100% cotton and well ventilated, making it soft and comfortable to wear.

The unique hand-woven cotton in this t-shirt is made by the Ban Khao Tao Handicraft Center in Prachuap Khiri Khan Province with such meticulous and complex procedures that it takes them them from dusk till dawn to make one piece of fabric. The cotton is then cut into a jumping fox design representing Leicester City and the leap made by Khao Tao in transitioning from a fishing village into a handicraft village. The t-shirt features 9-strand loincloths embroidered on the front, while the neckline is also hemmed with 9-strand loincloth. The right arm is embroidered with the words “LCFC Leicester City Football Club.” The back is embroidered with the words “Leicester City Football Club” in navy blue together with a fox face embroidered with 9-strand loincloth. Ban Khao Tao Heritage X Fox weaving cloth is hand-woven with so much detail that the villagers can weave only 1 meter of fabric per day. Developed in collaboration between LCFC and Ban Khao Tao Handicraft Center, his fabric is a perfect combination of modern art and cultural heritage.