LCFC x ATMOS - Indigo Tie Dye T-Shirt - Mens



From a small part of Thais designer community, we grow into a stage of having a collaboration with well-known Japanese street brand, ATMOS.

What makes this collection special are firstly an environmental friendly making process. And
secondly an original pattern in each piece which is designated through complexity and expertly in our natural dying technique. We want to compete chemical dyed with our chosen palettes of authentic colours and patterns, and a big plus on Thais craftsmanship.
Colours are all plants-based which are from Indigo, Hom (Baphicacanthus curia Brem), Peka
(Broken Bones), and red soil that available in our local region. We have an intention to elevate Thais wisdom to a bigger scale. From a ‘cottage industry’ to a ‘handicraft industry”. We want to bring our eco-friendly practice with a remarkable quality from a small community to a global event.

3 Colours From 3 Different community 1.The Blue Stripe from Sakon nakhon (Indigo) 2.
Yellow harmony (Peka, Red soil) from Lampoon 3. Cloud navy (Hom, Ebony) from other
Lampoon village.

This time, it will be distributed through Atmos online in 7 countries around the world; Japan,
America, South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippine, Thailand, and England.